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Our Curriculum

Our Creche is a home away from home, and the setting is well furnished to meet the needs of the babies as well as the demands of the parents. Creche Level: Numberwork, Phonic Sound, Sensorial Education, Practice life. Cultural Subjects, Pre-Science, Social Skills, Creative Art, TPD , Rhymes, Story, Music and French

Nursery School Level: The subjects include: Letter Word, Number Work, Elementary Science, Social Norms, Computer, Diction, Handwriting, Fine Art, Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Christian Religious Studies, Health Education and Food and Nutrition.

  • Primary School Level: The subjects are: English Studies / Verbal Reasoning Mathematics \ Quantitative Reasoning, Literature in English, Prevocational studies, Basic Science and Technology, Cultural and creative art. CRS/IRS, History, National Values Education, Yoruba, French and Music
  • Junior Secondary School Level: The subjects include: English Studies, Mathematics, Pre Vocational Studies, National Values Education, French , Yoruba Language, CRS/IRS, History, Business Studies, Cultural and Creative Art, Music, Catering Craft Practice and Garment Making.
  • Senior Secondary School Level:
  • The General Subjects are: English Language ( Mathematics, Civic Education and Marketing.
  • Science Subjects are: Physics , Chemistry, Biology , Further Mathematics, Agricultural Science and Geography
  • Commercial Subjects are Economics, Commerce, Accounting, Office Practice and government
  • Art Subjects are : Economics, CRS/IRS, Government, Biology, Literature in English and Yoruba
  • Trade Subjects are : ICT, Data Processing, Catering and Craft Practice and Garment
  • The full time teaching staff  are University Graduates of Education and N.C.E. teachers who are chosen for their academic qualification


We look forward to showing you around our school and convincing you that we have everything it takes to accommodate your children and nurture them to be exceptional among their peers.